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Dental Lasers

What Dental Laser

A laser is an instrument that produces a very narrow, intense beam of light energy. When laser light comes in contact with tissue, it can remove or shape tissue. Lasers can be used as a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of dental procedures and are often used in conjunction with other dental instruments.
Dentist ultraviolet light equipment


Soft Issues Lasers
  • Gum recontouring
  • Frenectomy
  • Periodontal curettage
  • Soft-tissue mass removal
  • Exposure of unerupted teeth


  • No heat, vibration, pressure, sound of drill
  • Fewer shots
  • Less anaesthesia
  • Less use of drill
  • Less postoperative discomfort & swelling
  • Fewer numb lips
  • Better hemostasis
  • Tissue disinfection
  • Elimination of microfractures