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 SCALING AND POLISHING at Beyond Smiles Dental Care

WHY Is ……….. required?
  • Do your gums bleed while brushing?
  • Do you experience bad mouth odour?
  • Do your teeth have some deposits or stains on them?
  • Did you go down to the dentist for some dental work & the dentist recommended you professional cleaning & polishing/ oral prophylaxis??
If your answer to the above is YES – its time you get your teeth cleaned.

WHAT is ………?

What is scaling & polishing?
Scaling/ Cleaning of teeth is nothing but removal of the hard deposits/tartar & stains around your teeth. Polishing – It is smoothening the tooth surfaces with a polishing paste & rotating brush.
Why is it important?
These hard deposits form over time & cannot be removed with brushing. They harbour bacteria & release acidic by-products which irritate & inflame the gums, eventually causing bone loss….& finally you would lose your teeth. Sometimes if you have a lot of deposits – above & within the gums…you might have to go in for deep scaling/cleaning. It may require 1/ 2 sittings.

Cleaning your teeth at the dentist every 6 months is like brushing your teeth every morning – the   1st step in the day!!


What if I don’t do it?

    You’ll experience –

    • Bleeding Gums
    • Mobile Teeth
    • Bad odour
    • Teeth sensitivity to hot/cold
    • Yellow Teeth
    • Lose your teeth, eventually

    You’ll see

    • Receding gums
    • Just 2/3 teeth appear longer than usual
    • Gaps appearing between teeth
    • Especially noticed in lower front teeth
How often should you get it done?

    Recommended every 6 months.

What are the benefits?
    • Feel fresh & light
    • No bad mouth odour
    • No bleeding gums
    • Your smile looks brighter
    • 1st step to a healthy mouth
    • Prevent gum or periodontal diseases
Each time I clean your teeth, does a layer of your tooth comes off?

    The professional cleaning machines have only that much power to remove deposits on the teeth. To remove tooth substance you need handpieces as used while doing fillings.

Do the teeth start moving after cleaning?

    Reality – The deposits around the teeth have already over time irritated the gums, & caused the gums & supporting bone to move away from the tooth. These deposits just give a false sense of stability-faux anchors.

    Once these deposits are removed, the true support is seen. Hence people feel that teeth start moving after cleaning. But it is important to remove these deposits….overtime the gums & bone may grow back till the correct level. If the loss is more, corrective measures can be taken to increase the life of your tooth.