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Snap-on Smile

Snap on smile with beyond smiles dental care:
Snap-on Smile(USA)
Snap-On Smile is the new and affordable alternative to permanent dental work. Offering a painless, quick and simple way to obtain a perfect smile. It is a patented technology from the US. It is a non-invasive, reversible, cosmetic, removable arch...with no drills, no shots,& only 2visits. It can be a temporary or a permanent solution. It is made of a specialized resin material making it very strong & as thin as .5mm, fitting snugly onto the existing teeth.
After 8 yrs of extensive research & development, Snap-on Smile is here
  • thin, strong, looks like natural teeth
  • u can eat/drink with it
  • available for upper/lower teeth
  • all this in about 3 weeks time*
  • with warranty*

It is an excellent choice for -

  • Gaps between teeth esp between front centre 2 teeth
  • Crooked/irregular teeth
  • Stained teeth
  • Old stained tooth-coloured restorations on front teeth
  • with warranty*
Worn down teeth with loss of vertical height(teeth look small in height) Those who aren't candidates for bridges/implants Get your dream smile w/o the expense & discomfort of complex dental procedures Do away with removable partial dentures for a more beautiful & comfortable alternative Well suited for instant gratification, dental phobic and or medically compromised patients, such as chemo or radiation treated patients. It can also be used in some cases of periodontal disease, as a periodontal splint for mobile teeth. It can also be like a test run for their new smile for patients considering a more permanent option of veneers/crowns. How long would it last? - generally 3 to 5 yrs with regular care as advised
Not Advisable -
  • Severe gum/bone disease
  • Extremely protruding front teeth
  • All teeth missing
  • No need for invasive treatment
  • Creates a healthy, natural looking smile
  • Completely reversible
  • Cheaper than many other cosmetic dental treatments
  • Quick fix solution
  • Easy to care for
  • Boosts confidence and creates a beautiful smile
  • Test-run before transition to a more permanent treatment
Close up of beautifully white, healthy teeth.
  • Takes some time to get accustomed to distinctly speaking with them
  • Food can get lodged under them and therefore must regularly be removed and cleaned