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Snoring with beyond smiles dental care:
  • Do you/your partner snore at night?
  • Does your partner complain about your loud snoring at night?
  • Does your sleep break at night because you fall short of breath/ feel as if you cannot breathe?
  • Do you get up to a fresh energetic morning?
Snoring -> sleep disorder -> sleep deficit for you & your partner -> health problems over time Snoring is a symptom of a sleep disorder - obstructive sleep apnea(OSA), which leads to severe health problems, if not intercepted in time, like, Heart diseases, stroke, blood pressure, diabetes, depression, memory loss, poor mental concentration ,etc. Sleep apnea is a serious, often undiagnosed sleep disorder where your body struggles to breath and stops breathing for few seconds to minutes, while you sleep. Whenever you stop breathing, oxygen supply stops, affecting vital organs esp the heart & brain. Every second without oxygen counts a lot for the heart/brain. Insufficient sleep - daytime sleepiness/ tired
Anti-snoring oral appliance therapy
Beyond Smiles alongwith Omnisleep Solutions brings you non-invasive treatment options for snoring problems. It is a patented technology from Cadwell Technologies(US) & Myerson(US). If you are not comfortable with the mechanical devices like CPAP/BiPAP machines or scared to go in for surgery, oral appliances are now available for relief/ reduction in snoring & future problems

There are two oral appliances available -

  • Silent Sleep
  • Myerson EMA
Both work on the simple mechanism of holding the lower jaw forward, hence preventing the tongue from falling back & obstructing the airway. They need to be worn only while sleeping. They are compact, easy to carry, esp if you are a frequent traveller.

Why Myerson EMA over Silent Sleep -

Myerson EMA Silent Sleep
Custom-made Custom-made Fitted for you by the dentist
Light Transparent trays with elastic bands Bulkier
High patient compliance Less patient compliance
Lasts for 5 years Has to be relined or adjusted after a year