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If you have severe periodontal disease  your condition may require gum surgery.

Don’t panic – a gum surgery just sounds worse than it really is. Your dentist and periodontist may recommend a scaling and root planing before the surgery, as well as a thorough teeth-cleaning prior to the procedure. Generally, if gum disease cannot be cured with antibiotics or root planing and scaling, a flap surgery is done.


What is a flap surgery?

A flap procedure cleans the roots of a tooth and repairs bone damage caused by gum disease. A gum specialist (periodontist) or an oral surgeon often performs the procedure. The doctor will lift back a section of your gums to clean the roots of your teeth and repair damaged bone, if needed. The gum flap will be stitched back into place. However, if the gum recession is more, a soft-tissue/gingival graft is done to correct the gum level.

What is a soft-tissue graft?

A small layer of tissue is taken, mostly from different region of mouth, & placed over the exposed area of tooth where gum recession has taken place. If bone loss is seen, bone grafting can also be done at the same time.

You GAIN…..a healthy mouth, a beautiful smile…


Why is it necessary?

    -To protect your teeth from the damaging effects of gum recession, or

    – You may choose to have one to improve the appearance of your smile.

    Gum recession often goes unnoticed, till it is severe.

    An exposed tooth root can not only look ugly, but can cause tooth sensitivity too.
    Eventually, gum recession, if not treated, can cause tooth loss.

How Well It Works?

    If you maintain good dental care after the surgery, the surgical procedure should help stop your gum disease. Your gums should become pink and healthy again.